Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rhine Garden Cafe in Sham Tseng is back!

Guess whose back in Shamtsengville? it's the Rhine Garden cafe. But this time, the name is Sweet Garden. I remember last year, when they opened up and just a month, they closed it. Maybe not so many people were buying. I protested, because here in our place, we don't have McDonald's or KFC, and the place they occupied could have been occuppied by those double arch franchise. Enzo and Gian will be delighted to see that.

Now, the coffee shop is back. I could see no customers like last time. I can see empty chairs and tables outside, which looks really really good for alfresco coffee sipping.

They have 3 sweet specials too. Wanna try Chocolate Souffles? How about Belgian Waffles or Chocolate Pudding?

If you don't know Sham Tseng, it's our place in Hong Kong for almost 8 years now, and we really love this place. It takes only 12 minutes to go to MTR in Tsing Yi and Tsuen Wan.

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Neilski said...

wow! nice place!