Tuesday, July 24, 2007

50 Things About Me

1. Been with Rachel since 1992. She's the best thing that ever happened to me.

2. Six years later, 1998 we got married in Hong Kong.
in a civil wedding, a ceremony that lasted for 5 minutes

3. One year later, we went back home in Manila Philippines
and got married again, but this time in church at Paco Park, Ermita.

4. Rachel got pregnant but lost the baby after five months.

5. came to Hong Kong and worked for a local Chinese architectural firm
for half year

6. then I transfer to a one of the top hotel interior design consultant for 2 years.

7. currently working for a Japanese construction firm here since 2000 so I'm now bored.

8. used to draw and paint, joined several on the spot art competitions, won some.

9. When I was in grade one, I was shy and bullied by naughty boys.

10. started to get crush on my seatmate when I was in Grade two but she didn't like me.

11. I am a right handed, and want to get used to left hand too.

13. I love basketball, but basketball doesn't like me.

14. So does music.

15. can't sleep without Rachel beside me.

16. have compelete episodes of Voltes V in my DVD collection

17. played amatuer and small tournaments for tennis, bowling, bastketball.

18. want to play soccer in the future and kick some balls

19. a simple man with simple dreams in life.

20. business minded person

21. likes reading readers digest, newsweek, fortune, time.

22. love nature and get excited climbing up mountains

23. member of Couples for Christ here in Hong Kong since 2002

24. i love my 2 kids Enzo and Giancarlo.

25. One of my previous gilfriend's parents have similar names as mine.
it's gonna be funny when printed in wedding invitation

26. don't smoke and I hate it. No one smokes in our family.

27. I drink a little occassionally,

28. at this time of writing, my father is 79 years old.

29. started writing blog last year 2006 in blogspot.com

30. when i was young, i've been dreaming of going to Disneyland in LA.

31. I love japanese cuisine, so does Rachel.

32. went to Disneyland Hong Kong three times this year...my wife and kids went 5 times already.

33. was short, skinny, dark and ugly before

34. now i'm still short, dark and ugly.

35. Rachel Loves me very much, as much as I love her.

36. what else?

37. Rachel likes sushi and sashimi, I love them with more wasabi.

38. cheated once in examination when I was in high school (just like you!!!)

39. sold cooler drinks (sago and gulaman) in my parents store when i was in elementary
during hot summer vacations.

40. sold newspapers and cigarettes on street when I was in high school during summer.

41. came from a poor family, my father owns a small laundry shop and converted it to
small variety (sari-sari) store.

42. my youngest sister Milet is beautiful, she's the only rose among the thorns

43. Nanay and Tatay (mom and dad) raised us to become responsible and God fearing children.

44. can't eat pasta or meat without Tabasco

45. listed air diving and bungee jump on my list of things to do before I die.

46. want to kiss and hug and show appreciation to my parents today.

47. like meeting new friends of different nationalities.

48. have an American girl penpal when I was in high school

49. takes a bath everyday even in winter and even when the temp. drops. to less than 10 degrees.

50. I lied, cause there are more than 50 things I want to tell you about me.

51. I pray and thank God for all the things he gave me and for all to come.

52. Giancarlo, my second child looks like more of me....(reduced copy)

53. I ran 10KM race here in Hong Kong (Standard Chartered marathon) for 4 times

54. ran 20K race this February 2006.

55. will run 42K race on or before I turn 40.

56. will add on this list as I want to share more of me.

57. Now I'm tired, so I will stop here first...

stay tuned!!!