Friday, June 29, 2007

Airport Traffic?

I was shocked to see so many people in the airport. It was like a
an exodus from war torn place, suffocating my tiny lungs.

All check in counters have long queues of passengers waiting
to escape the boring HK when celebrating holidays.
Yes, Hong Kong people will have long weekend again to mark
the 10th year anniversary of handover of region to China.

We're booked for Manila today. 11am, Cebu Pacific pilot
announced that there will be a short delay, due to heavy traffic
on runaway. I learned that many planes are in queue as well
to take off.

My 2 kids Enzo and Gian kept themselves busy by toying the
magazines and vomit bags. Finally, they got tired, asked for food,
passed them the potato fries, and burgers but later got thristy too.
Unfortunately, our drinks were taken by immigration officers due
to tight security measure and we need to wait until those beautiful
crews start selling snacks and drinks.

Finally after 1 hour of babysitting my 2 hyperactive boys inside
the plane, we took off and found ourselves up in the air.

Of course, we we're able to quench our thirst later. Thanks to
HK$10 C2 green tea, HK$10 coke and HK$10 mineral water.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rainy Day and Thursday

I came late today in the office, at exactly 10:31:23 am.
Everyone was busy pretending to be busy, with all their eyes glued on
LCD monitors. Whatever they're reading or browsing, I don't mind.
As I walked towards my tiny cubicle, my pangyaw (friend in Chinese)
Johnny stood up and approached me and asked me why I am very late.

I told him I went to Philippine consulate to get my new passport and
the office know that.

He smiled and said he's also late due to heavy traffic jam and rain in
Central, and he always take bus from his home in Kennedy town.

8:30am, I was in a long queue in waiting for the CityBus No.962B
in Sham Tseng. The heavy downpour of rain continues causing a
bottleneck taffic jam in an intersection in Castle Peak Road.
I'm getting hungry and the bus was stucked, and we're able to
get in after almost half hour under the rain, while my pants and shoes
were soaking wet. Yikes.

The bus and all the vehicles were crawling along the highway, so
I called up the office and told them I'm coming late, before 11am,
because I had to go to consulate to pick up my new passort. Instantly,
I was able to get excuse for being late.

When I get off the bus in Admiralty, I was shocked to see a long
queue again of people waiting for taxi. Wow!! looks like everyone
is stucked outside and it's already 9:30am.

Well. rainy days are here again and the forecast this week is of
course rainy and some thurderstorms in the next two days.
I guess it's also raining in Manila too.

I wrote this post during my lunch break, so don't think I have
the luxury to make blog and stuff like this during office hours.